GI cancer, a pain in the bum.

Congratulations to the Ministry of Health for starting the National Bowel Screening Programme. Watch the latest Sunday programme here. The first screening programme for men and women. It is for ages 60 to 74 years. Just over 300 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer between the ages of 50 and 59 years. So keep aware of those symptoms such as bleeding from the bowel, unexplained weight loss and anaemia. Demand a colonoscopy if these occur!

Thank you

Turners Car

Thanks Turners Cars for donating the Hyundai i35 SUV to GICI. It is going to make such a difference to our visibility in the community. Can’t wait to get it signed with the new brand!

Lisa Toi

Lisa Toi has 25 years commercial/strategic experience across range of industries and global organisations including 21 years in the NZ healthcare sector. She is currently a consultant providing strategic, stakeholder engagement consulting and project management resource to a range of public and private organisations engaging in consumer-centred digital health or behaviour change programmes.  Her passion for gastro-intestinal cancers is due to her mother dying from bowel and liver cancer as well as her father living with metastatic bowel cancer.